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Workshop: ASTRO-Winter Modeling "Advances in computational & experimental modelling: Application to Astrochemistry"

dal 15/02/2018 alle 00:00 al 16/02/2018 alle 00:00

Dove Aula Magna, Dip. Chimica “Giacomo Ciamician - Via F. Selmi 2, Bologna

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Advances in computational & experimental modelling: Application to Astrochemistry

The annual Winter Modeling meetings act as a platform to exchange ideas and promote collaborations within the broad community of researchers working in the multidisciplinary field of Computational Chemistry and, in the spirit of filling the gap between theory and experiment, also provide the opportunity to interact with experimentalists.  The focus of this edition is the application of computational strategies to Astrochemistry and their interplay with Laboratory Astrophysics and Astronomical Observations.

There is no registration fee, but you must registerin order to attend.

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Registration includes coffee breaks and lunches.

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