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Seminar Prof. Christiane Reiners: “Promotion of Basic Epistemological Understanding of Science”

14/03/2018 dalle 16:00 alle 17:00

Dove Room IV, Department of Chemistry “G. Ciamician”

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Prof. Christiane Reiners, head of the Institute of Chemistry Education at University of Cologne, will deliver the seminar

“Promotion of Basic Epistemological Understanding of Science”

The seminar is particularly suitable for teachers, research grant holders,
and PhD students AND for all the students attending second level degrees in scientific disciplines.

Prof. Christiane Reiners is an internationally recognized expert in Chemistry Education. Her research activity is mainly focused on (i) Nature of Science in Chemistry Education; (ii) Cooperative Learning in out-of-school lab days; (iii) Transformation of current subject-matter knowledge. She is author of several books and about 90 articles
published in relevant international journals.