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10th Convention Crystal Forms @Bologna

dal 09/06/2019 alle 09:00 al 11/06/2019 alle 18:00

Dove Bologna

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The investigation and optimization of crystal forms are at the forefront of industrial as well as fundamental research.

The event will bring together academic and industrial experts interested in sharing experience and discussing perspectives and new challenges regarding:

  • Recent advances in solid forms discovery
  • Synthesis and properties of crystal forms
  • Multicomponent crystal forms
  • Intellectual property issues

The meeting brings together young and senior scientists from academy and industry in an informal, highly productive, dense but relaxed, two and half days forum focused on the state of the art on the investigation of crystal polymorphism, salts, co-crystals, solvated and amorphous solids, their characterization and use in the pharma and agrochemical sectors. Intellectual property issues will also be discussed.

Please follow the link below to visit the event's web page for further and detailed information.

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